Wednesday 19 January 2022

Triline system

  • triline
  • triline

Three-chamber window-door system.

The three-chamber window-door system that eliminates the thermal bridge is suitable for exterior windows, doors and walls with less demanding requirements for thermal insulation (winter gardens, industrial buildings, warehouses, etc.). NOVES okná, a.s.manufacturers the system in full compatibility with other Aliplast systems (Visoglide, Aliver, Econoline ...) with the option of glazing by a single or insulation double glass of the thickness up to 37 mm. A wide range of accessories is also available.

Technical specifications

Fittings can have any RAL system colour. The door system allows to use upper door hinges (drilled from the front) as well as flush hinges (in a groove). A wide range of accessories is also available.

• Three-chamber window and door system
• Breakage of the thermal bridge using polyamide strips with fibreglass with a width of 14.8 and 17 mm
• Structural depth of the window and door frame profiles, walls and door wings: 51 mm
• Depth of window wings 60 mm, profile wall thickness from 1.7 to 2.0 mm

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