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Maintenance of your PVC windows

PVC window maintenance

Instructions how to maintain and care for your PVC windows and doors:


Complete sets for active care, maintenance and preservation of your windows and doors. WES Clean 115ml – surface protection for white, color PVC and aluminum surfaces.
This product is suitable for cleaning and maintenance of the window and door surfaces made from hard PVC. It separates the profile from its environment by creating an antistatic layer with the UV protection.

WES Silica 25ml – gasket preservative.
Designated to provide care and maintenance of the window and door gaskets. It creates a highly elastic film of elastomer such as APKT and EPDM. When treated with this product, the gasket remains flexible and repeals humidity. The treatment prevents the gasket from sticking to the profile in the summer and from freezing to it in winter.

WES Oilo 25ml – lubricant for hinges and ironmongery.
Special product designated to maintain and provide care for window and door inronmongery and its mechanical parts. It ensures easy movements, reduces wear-and-tear and protects against corrosion.



PVC windows of Noves okná, a.s. company are equipped with all around forging, which enables to operate sash by one crank and to lead it into four positions – closed, open, tilt and gap ventilation (see pic. below).

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Aluminium windows of Noves okná, a.s. company are equipped with all around forging, which enables to operate sash by one crank and to lead it into three positions – closed, open and tilt (see pic. below).

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Removal of protective foils, removal of raw impurities after parging

Products are accomodated with inside and outside protective foil. These foils protect products from damage during production, transportation, manipulation, mounting / building in, but not during construction works (e.g. during parging of door case). Obligation of riggers is to remove these foils after building the product into construction hole, as they do not serve for protection from damage during masonry. Constructor recommends to the purchaser to cover whole windows with foils before parging. By PVC, but mainly by aluminium products, i tis necessary to pay special attention when in contact with lime and cement, therefore we recommend to protect surface of products during parging by safety tape. If not done so, we recommend to remove raw impurities with wetted paint-brush immediately after parging.
In case of postponed mounting i tis necessary to store windows into dark rooms without sunny spot, as UV sun rays cause fast aging of protective foil, which causes difficult removal of the foil. Therefore i tis recommended to remove protective foil within two months from delivery of products.

Cleaning and care of windows

Please do not clean just glas of your windows, but frame and inside areas in space of frame and sash, as well – so you raise value in use of window. New windows are characterized by their easy maintenance, however they are neither maintenance-free, nor self-cleaning. PVC windows do not require often maintenance and are easy to care, but care intervals need to be adjusted according to level of pollution! Please consider more often care intervals if you live close to pollution sources (roads, railways, factories, etc.). We would like to ask you, to pay your attention to one new information regarding agressive effect of combination of sun and pollen of trees (birch tree) and grass during time of their occurance. If there is no adequate cleaning done, then the pollution can cause irremovable appearance and functional damage of window. This can have impact on warranty conditions in warranty card.

For celaning purposes please use common detergents without organic diluents and harsch particles (regular cleaning by neutral celaning products prevents further pollution and ensures long lasting lifetime of window / door).

Majority of organic acids (such as acetic, malic, citric, lactacid, vine and concentrated) do not have an impact on aluminium windows, they are resistant also against concentrated nitric acid. However, a negative impact have salt acid, sulphur acid, strong lyes, ammonia ash, in warm condition but with lower impact acetic acid and citric acid. Therefore we do not recommend to do experiments with celaning products based on acids and lyes.

PVC material of window profiles inclines to electrostatic charge. Polishing just highlightes this attribute even more. It is possible to prevent creation of electrostatic charge by antistatic celaning product (e.g. Pronto spray against dust, suitable for furniture, PVC, glass, TV and Hifi, other celaning products for PVC components of PCs. Such a celaning product ensures elimination of high electrostatic charge on PVC profiles and by this it reduces leaning to repeating pollution (sedimentation of dust on windows).

Noves okná, a.s. company offers within project of active prolongation of lifetime of PVC windows a kit of protective cosmetics for cleaning and maintenance (so called WES kit – Window Emergency Kit), which contains cleaning milk for white and grey colloured PVC profiles (WES Clean), tool for seal maintenance (WES Silica), oil for forging maintenance (WES Oilo).

Table of cleaning specific stains on PVC windows:

Type of pollution

Remove with a semi-hard spatula and let it dry


Wipe it dry with a cloth

Wash with water

Clean with household cleaning products without harsh particles


Clean with chemical cleaners and polishers espeacially suitable for PVC

Aluminium abrasion






Bitumen resin












Emulsion paint












Organic/anorg. fat


















Heating oil






Wood stain






Wood impregnation






Lime mortar


















Vallpoint pen






Varnish (nitro)






Linseed oil sealant






Oil chalk






Oil varnish


















Ammonium chloride












School chalk






Wax (parquet, candle, etc.)






Colored pencil






Cement mortar






Maintenance of seals

Seals of modern materials are subject to all materials, natural aging. In order to seal your windows and doors remain water-resistant against water and drafts a longer time, thus remaining flexible and functional, lubricate them once or several times a year with silicone oil, deer tallow or talc. Are commonly available in stores. Sealing profiles made of PVC or rubber should not come into contact with concentrated cleaner. We recommend you, as the most appropriate formulation, WES Silica of WES cleaning kit.

Drainage and decompression

At each window frame embedded in the building envelope are on the outside of the window frame placed drainage / drainage holes penetrated the leakage of rainwater - always keep them free and clear. Drainage sashs you will find after opening on the bottom edge of the sash. Stopper seal on top of the frame is operable windows to decompression interrupted. Such suspensions seals to supply products in accordance with processing procedures for the production of plastic windows / doors and does not affect the deterioration of the declared properties of the product.

Maintenance of forging

Your windows are equipped with technically high-grade forging. All hardware parts are consumable parts and are capable of functioning correctly when it is exercised their regular maintenance. Moving parts (see Fig. below) it is necessary to lubricate so easily moved, it is necessary to tighten the screw the handles. Such maintenance should be performed at least twice a year, use the product Oilo of WES cleaning kit.

kovanie mazanie


In the past, windows were made so unsealed that there was a natural air exchange and thus to reduce the humidity in the room. With old windows / doors the air exchanged through leaks and gaps in the windows, incomplete or improper insulation between the second frame of the old windows and outer walls of the so-called connecting joint. In order to reduce heating costs, eliminate drafts and eliminate external noise, were constructed new windows / doors that meet these requirements. Newly manufactured products, building components, windows / doors meet the current EU legislative requirements so called basic requirements for buildings.

     New windows and their link with the body of the building is now so tight that it does not come to any natural air exchange as on the old windows. Inadequate ventilation indoors causes high humidity, if it is not drained out can cause serious damage to buildings (wetness) and the subsequent formation of mold. This will show the first and especially in structurally weak areas in buildings called thermal bridges (hidden holes and gap , insufficient insulation, improper construction masonry, etc.). High humidity (steam) caused by cooking, bathing. Humidity also arises just by breathing, human average "evaporate" every night around 1 liter. Tight sealing windows requires targeted and effective ventilation, otherwise the exchange of air in the room during the heating season combined with the heat and thus energy losses. Differentiated and efficient planning of ventilation should be achieved , so that the heat losses due to ventilation were as low as possible.

Your windows are equipped with technically high-grade forging. All hardware parts are consumable parts and are capable of functioning correctly when it is exercised their regular maintenance. Moving parts (see Fig. below) it is necessary to lubricate so easily moved, it is necessary to tighten the screw the handles. Such maintenance should be performed at least twice a year, use the product Oilo of WES cleaning kit.

According to current technical knowledge is recommended to save wind energy as follows :

 -     Don´t knock the windows, but open wide - the intermittent ventilation ensures an intensive exchange of air in the shortest time

 -     Ventilate in the morning 5-10 minutes every room, especially a bedroom intermittent ventilation in winter the air is usually cooler and drier, the ventilation time can therefore be shortened.

 -     During the day to ventilate 3-4 times ( depending on the amount of moisture ) - a quick and effective is the cross ventilation when you open the windows opposite.

 -     During ventilation is recommended to turn off the heating.

Do not let the room temperature drop below +15 ° C to room air could gain enough moisture.Heating and regular ventilation is essential for healthy living. Standard fixed humidity interior living rooms is 50 % at an internal air temperature of 20 ° C. We recommend you to check and maintain the temperature and humidity around these values. In case of unjustified complaints of this reason, we will proceed with item 3 warranty card, which is part of this manual. Dew-covered window (glass filler) from the interior side is a sign that it should be aired as soon as possible. Dry, fresh, oxygenated air is heated before heating works better and you have a home again comfort and warmth.

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If necessary, based on a written record addressed to the producer is possible to exchange or replacement of worn respectively damaged part (component) windows / doors under warranty conditions, the warranty card (below). This activity manufacturer provides by its own, if necessary, but usually by workers (component assembly) of our trading partners in a contractual relationship with the manufacturer.


To find the most appropriate method of disposal options (recovery), please contact your supplier and assembly groups. Of-life product disposal is recommended (appreciation) on the steer landfill, which has the corresponding authorization from the Department of Environment to perform this work. Think of ecology, the environment for present and future generations.

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