Wednesday 19 January 2022

Wooden or plastic?

When replacing windows, you certainly ask the question whether it is better to choose plastic or wooden ones. The first advantage of PVC windows is that they don’t need paint. On the other hand, low-quality white PVC windows might eventually become grey or yellow. Another argument against PVC windows is that they have too strong profiles. But it all depends on designed windows. Manufacturers are now able to produce windows with the same profiles thickness as the original ones.

Wooden windows are durable and they have good thermal insulation features. Softline profiles don’t show any dimensions instability as timber doesn’t heat up even on sunny days.  The disadvantage of euro windows is that they should be regularly refurbished.

PVC windows
PVC windows have less elegant design than wooden ones, but they are still very popular among customers. The reason is their low price and low demand for their maintenance. They only require a simple cleaning. Their frames are resistant to corrosion and mildew. Now you can buy PVC windows in the colour of timber.

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