Wednesday 19 January 2022

Window Ideal 5000

  • ideal 5000
  • ALUPLAST-5000--ALU-KlipNOVES okná, a.s. has an interesting solution for external appearance of plastic products  - aluminium sheathing (AluSkin). A visually interesting appearance of aluminium-like window with high functional characteristics of plastic windows/doors is produced by Noves for selected products and systems (only ALUPLAST Ideal 4000 front doors, ALUPLAST Ideal 5000 windows, ALUPLAST Ideal 8000 windows, ALUPLAST HST 85 mm – lifting sliding doors). The Alu klip system has a range of options for colour finish (RAL colour swatch). Noves guarantees the long-term protection of the profile against weather.

Affordable price with superb quality

This is the best-selling window system with centre sealing and three replaceable sealings. This mass-produced product is manufactured and sold by NOVES okná, a.s. as a perfect compromise between price and maximum window quality. Five-chamber window profile with the frame construction depth of 70 mm. Long durability and high security is ensured by the whole-perimeter fittings placed in protected fitting slot. Large front condensation groove protects the fittings and outperforms stopper systems.

Technical specifications

Windows of the Ideal 5000 range can be supplied in any colour (laminated) tone according to the manufacturer's current offer.

• Thermal transmittance coefficient Uf= 1,1 W/(m2.K)
• Optional glazing using double or triple insulation glass
• Whole-perimeter fitting stored in a protected fitting slot guarantees long durability and high safety
• Large front condensation groove used for protecting the fittings, it outperforms stopper systems
• Five-chamber base (sill) profile with rubber sleeve against draft is a standard accessory for of all window systems produced by NOVES okná a.s.
• A wide range of necessary additional profiles for various applications

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