Wednesday 19 January 2022

Aluplast HST doors

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    NOVES okná a.s. has an interesting solution for the external appearance of plastic products - aluminium sheathing (AluSkin). The visually interesting appearance of an aluminium-like window with high functional characteristics of plastic windows/doors is produced by Noves for selected products and systems (only ALUPLAST Ideal 4000 front doors, ALUPLAST Ideal 5000 windows, ALUPLAST Ideal 8000 windows, ALUPLAST HST 85 mm – lifting sliding doors). The Alu klip system has a range of options for colour finish (RAL colour swatch). Noves guarantees the long-term protection of the profile against weather.

  •  HST- schema-AC

Lifting sliding doors – wide view with security!

HST doors have the optimum combination of aesthetics and contact with nature. Even large-size elements have safety and thermal comfort.


Technical specifications

Massive frame and wing profiles with corresponding reinforcements. Despite the large dimensions, the wings are simple, easy and have safe control.

• Frame construction depth of 167 mm (HST 70) or 197 mm (HST 85)
• Two replaceable stopper sealings
• Possible glazing by insulation double or triple glass for thermal comfort
• Thermally divided threshold aluminium profile
• Option to use system extending profiles under the threshold profile
• Both-side lockable cylinder available on request
• Colour finishing - profile lamination is possible only on a white core

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