Thursday 9 December 2021

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Are PVC windows resistant to bad weather?

One of the outstanding features of the PVC windows NOVES okná a.s. is the resistance. Our products are resistant to natural influences – mites don‘t attack PVC windows and they don’t corrode like standard wooden or metal windows. Ventilation flaps automatically respond to changing external conditions (flap is open when there is the low-pressure difference between exterior and interior, it closes automatically when this difference is increased and it regulates the air flow between exterior and interior).

Isn’t aluminum outdated and unfavorable material?

Aluminum products are characterized by high dimensional stability, unusual high resistance to weather conditions and their unavoidable feature is also the resistance to fire. Our products, using aluminum, don’t require excessive maintenance and their persistence is practically unlimited. For these features, aluminum is considered ageless and eternally modern construction material.

How do I clean PVC window frames?

Noves okná a.s. recommends the range of resources for the treatment of frames, strips and fittings, specially developed for the issue of PVC and aluminum windows called TREATMENT SETS WES, which you can buy in our company. Obviously, the customer might use standard detergents without solvents or abrasive particles for the cleaning of frames, such as cleansing milk or Pril. To remove tough dirt from construction, we can use Fenosol for plastic product, Gefopur UW 10 or Gefopur 5 for aluminum product. Apply the detergent with a linen cloth on the surface, rub it on, let dry and wipe with a dry cloth.

What are thermal bridges?

Thermal bridge can be characterized as a part of the building construction, where the inner surface temperature changes significantly. It is caused by variation of the thickness of the building structure and also by different size of the inner area receiving heat and outer area transmiting heat (e.g. corners of walls, floors etc.)

Who will advise me when buying windows and doors?

NOVES okná a.s. has a wide network of sales agencies, staffed exclusively by professionals in the area of production and use of appropriate windows and doors. If you need advice on what products of our company are suitable for you, contact the helpline NOVES okná a.s. Free consulting is a part of our company’s philosophy and we want to offer only the best.

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