Wednesday 19 January 2022

Aliver 100, 400, 600

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A winter garden is the best place for relaxation!

The Aliplast Aliver group of systems is designed for winter garden roofing. Aliver systems (100, 400, 600) provide the required thermal insulation thanks to a thermal break at the medium and  outer rafters at the level of roof panels fastening. The Aliver system manufactured by NOVES okná, a.s. allows for smooth vertical connection to the walls of winter gardens made of compatible frame systems.

Aliver 100 / T-shaped profile, without thermal insulation
Aliver 400 / for non-standard shapes
Aliver 600 / 55 mm panel filling, non-transparent

Optional utilization of glass and polycarbonate panels!

Technical specifications

  • System solutions for the connection of roofs to masonry walls and the drainage of rainwater through guttering and rainwater systems
  • Range of several designs for rafters and mouldings.
  • of The Aliplast Group’s roofing systems provide the required thermal insulation thanks to the use of construction thermal head block

  • They are used in secondary rafters, as well as in the respective outer rafters, which enable smooth connection with the vertical walls of winter gardens
  • The roofing system is customized using polycarbonate and glass panels
  • The roofing system contains a minimal metal covers. Flat, rounded and decorative mouldings can be used
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